Fila Brazillia live at The Victoria & Albert Museum

by Fila Brazillia

  • Compact Disc (CD)

    1 Victoria 25:51
    2 Albert 23:35

    Fila Brazillia live at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Recorded 03-11-00.
    The 'concept' behind the show was to create a piece using 4 d.j. cd players, a d.a.t. tape and 2 mixers. The cd's were prepared beforehand and consisted of various random sequences. The 2 sets were unrehearsed and resulted in these two 'beatless' 20+ minute pieces. Submariners, astronauts and bee keepers should love it.

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Not really an out-and-out proper LP, this little – though I use that term very loosely – snippet from the boys from Brazillia is a recording of when they were playing at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

It seems that the Museum is rather anxious to throw off its fusty old coat to have a new, trendy, even ‘alternative’ covering – and by getting FB to be resident in their halls, they move one step closer to achieving that dream.

But enough mutton dressed as lamb, and let’s have a peek at the music. I can almost hear the crowd of die-hard Fila fans as this CD contains just two tracks (boo!), both at 25 minutes long (hooray!), but with the predictable track titles (hiss!) of Victoria and Albert. Not that the track titles denote anything separate – run the two tracks together with a crossfader and you might just think it’s all one long 50 minute track.

It’s not traditional FB sounds either. There are no beats, no bass, in fact – no rhythm section to speak of. This is pure ambient music – bloops and bleeps, with the odd sampled strain of music to bring you back to some familiar ground. However, that’s all it is – for 50 minutes.

On the plus side, however, it’s lovely, unobtrusive background music – you know it’s there, but you’re not completely aware of it. It adds to, rather than creates an atmosphere – and I’m guessing, that’s what the music was for in the first place. You would be hard-pressed to get more chilled than this.

Should you get this CD though? Perhaps only if you seek to enlarge your Fila collection, but for an introduction to their music – you’re better off with something else.

Witty Ditty, BBC Collective


released April 12, 2015



Fila Brazillia Hull, UK

Fila Brazillia is a partnership from Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire in North-East England. Formed in 1990 by Steve Cobby and David McSherry. They cross pollinate genres.

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